Practical aquaponics training

Practical aquaponics Course: how to build your own system.

10 - 4pm, Monthly, £120.

Learn all you need to know to start your own aquaponic system. This is course is for you if you are looking to build your own system for business or pleasure. Leave our hands-on workshop ready to grow delicious vegetables and fish throughout the year.

The course is a mixture of practical building sessions and theory. Towards the final part of the day, visitors test their skills by assembling 3 different working systems.

I highly recommend this course for anyone seeking to learn about aquaponics and hydroponics.  The course is fun, interesting and easy to digest with a very practical focus - the tutors are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and make aquaponics and hydroponics accessible. As someone who has never managed to keep a houseplant alive I came away with the knowledge and confidence to set up my own system at home. A thoroughly enjoyable day.

— Dulcie Sen, 2018
‘The aquaponics training course was a fantastic experience...... Both instructors on the day were fantastic, patient, and delivered the course with such ease. They made me come to the conclusion of, I CAN AND WILL DO THIS! Taking the knowledge from the course, I am excited as to how I bring my aquaponics vision to life, contribute to food security, and a sustainable green environment.’
— Paul Olowogboye, 2018

Course Content:

Aquaponics in the world

  1. The history of aquaponics

  2. Current systems worldwide

  3. The future of aquaponics


  1. The basics

  2. Fish choice & stocking

  3. Tanks

  4. Fish care

  5. Water testing & balancing

Bacteria and filtration

  1. The nitrogen cycle

  2. Bacterial care

  3. Bio filtration methods

  4. Mechanical filtration

Growing systems

  1. Deep water culture (DWC)

  2. Nutrient film technique (NFT)

  3. Flood and drain

Plant care

  1. Plant choice

  2. Nutrients

  3. Propagation (seeds and cuttings)

  4. Pests

  5. Disease

System building

  1. Sourcing equipment

  2. Aeration

  3. Tools

  4. Build

Q+A and Review


You will be issued with a full course workbook and list of recommended suppliers on completion on completion of the course.

Our events regularly sell out so please do book early to avoid disappointment.





Curious to find out more about aquaponics? Perhaps you're thinking of starting your own system? Researching a dissertation or thesis? Come and pick our brains at our aquaponic installation at Green Lab.

Join the GrowUp team and learn more about:

  • The principles of aquaponics

  • How to look after fish

  • How to grow delicious leafy greens

  • How you can build your own system at home

Cost - £9