Our schools programme allows students to explore the world of urban farming in an interactive and engaging way. We nurture a deep interest in plants that can support learning and engagement. The underlying structure of these sessions are focussed around the national curriculum but with an additional focus on sustainability, health, and the love of plants.

We would be more than happy to work with you to develop bespoke content for your school.


KS1 + 2

Basic introduction to plants and how they live

30 students maximum - £100

Lesson structure:

  • Quick introduction and safety briefing

  • Tour of lab spaces

  • “Plants from around the world”- Students will have the chance to see, hold, and smell, a large variety of plants from all over the world

  • “Edible or not” - Students will sort plants by what they might be used for with the opportunity to smell and taste a large variety of plants

  • “Alien plants” - Students will get a short demo about some of the stranger things plants do including carnivorous plants, seed dispersal, and flowering

  • Seed sowing workshop


Introduction to aquaponics and soilless growing

1 Hour - 30 students maximum - £100

Lesson structure:

  • Quick introduction and safety briefing

  • Tour of the downstairs “Wet Lab” which is home to a variety of interesting hydroponic/aquaponic growing systems.

  • The nitrogen cycle

  • Chemical water testing of fish tank water (pH and dissolved minerals)

  • Seed germination practical and discussion

  • Tour of upper lab space (robotics, algae, mushrooms)

Curriculum areas covered: Farming, solubility, nitrogen cycle, acids & alkalis, Germination, types of life on earth.

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